1914-1918 Poppy and Soldier Candle to Commemorate 100 years

As the commemoration of the end of the First World War on the 11th November 2018 approaches, your Parish may be planning a special service in the church or a grave service in the graveyard to mark this occasion.

We have available candles that may enhance this activity.

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24 Hour lights, 4” x 3” Pillar candles and wax filled glass candles that could safely be used on window ledges in the church or free standing in the home.

The grave lights are windproof so can be used for an outside service and left by a grave.

The Votive holder with 13hour light could also be used and refilled to have a more continuous light through the day.

All the above are on SPECIAL OFFER to you, please click here for the details.

Should you wish to place an order then it would help us if you could specify a delivery date, immediate or for nearer the planned occasion as this would mean that we are able ensure that the items will be available and delivered on time.

A donation from the purchase of these candles will be given to the Royal British Legion

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