A Century of Service:


Charles Farris, Illuminating Royal Moments and Honoring Sacrifice

For over 179 years, Charles Farris has been a beacon of quality and tradition, crafting church candles that have graced momentous occasions and solemn services alike. Our story takes a unique turn when we look beyond the sacred spaces of worship, where our candles have illuminated moments of national significance and commemorated those who served our country.

Serving the Royal Family:

Charles Farris has had the distinct honour of providing candles for numerous royal events, reflecting our commitment to excellence and our deep respect for tradition. The glow of our candles has illuminated:

  • The Lying in State of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall and Funeral Service at Westminster Abbey (September 2022): During this historic mourning period, Charles Farris's candles provided a dignified and respectful ambience for these events of national significance.

  • St Paul's Cathedral as a backup for Queen Elizabeth II's service: We were ready to serve in any capacity, demonstrating our flexibility and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience.

  • The Committal Service of Queen Elizabeth II at St George's Chapel, Windsor (September 2022): Our candles helped create a sombre and reverent atmosphere for this private family gathering.

  • Prince Philip's Funeral at St George's Chapel, Windsor (April 2021): We provided candles for this solemn occasion, honouring the life and service of a revered figure.

  • Royal Weddings: From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018 to Prince William and Kate Middleton's in 2011 and Prince Charles and Camilla's in 2005, our candles have bathed these joyous occasions in warmth and light.

Remembering Those Who Served:

Beyond royal events, Charles Farris has proudly participated in honouring those who have served our country:

  • The Queen Mother's Funeral at Westminster Abbey (April 2002): We provided candles for this national event, commemorating the life of a beloved figure.

  • Extra Long Palm Crosses for the Queen Mother's Chapel: Our dedication to bespoke creations reflects our ability to cater to unique and symbolic needs.

  • Candles for St George's Chapel, Windsor: We provided candles for Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones' weddings in 1999 and 2005 and Princess Diana's funeral and lying in state in 1997.

A Legacy of Illumination and Support:

Charles Farris takes immense pride in being part of these historic moments, big and small. Each flickering flame represents our commitment to quality, service, and respect for tradition. We carry this legacy forward, ensuring that our candles continue to illuminate meaningful moments and honour those who have served our nation.




Roadmap to Net Zero (Scopes 1, 2, and 3)



Charles Farris Limited boasts a rich history and a commendable commitment to sustainability. This roadmap outlines a strategic plan to achieve net zero emissions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3, leveraging existing initiatives and exploring new opportunities to minimise our environmental footprint.

Key Focus Areas:

Scope 1: Direct Emissions:

  • Completed: Switched from Locked Air Void fill to paper. (2019)

  • Completed: Switched cars from diesel to petrol. (2019)

  • Completed: Started the journey of replacing lights with LED bulbs. (2019)

  • Ongoing: Investigate battery storage solutions to maximise solar energy utilisation and further decrease Scope 1 emissions.

  • Future: Explore renewable energy sources beyond solar, such as wind or geothermal, to completely eliminate Scope 1 emissions.

Scope 2: Purchased Electricity:

  • Ongoing: Partner with renewable energy providers to source clean electricity and minimise Scope 2 emissions.

  • Future: Investigate on-site generation of renewable energy through options like wind turbines or micro-hydro systems.

Scope 3: Indirect Emissions:

  • Packaging:

    • Completed: Eliminate cello wrap on scented products (April 2022).

    • Completed: Changed Pallet wrap from black to a recyclable clear product.

    • Completed: Phase out single-use plastic votive candle cups (January 2022).

    • Ongoing: Trial and implement compostable packaging materials to minimise embodied emissions associated with packaging production.

    • Future: Develop and adopt fully recyclable or reusable packaging solutions to eliminate Scope 3 emissions from packaging waste.



  • Products:

    • Completed: Launch "clean burning" votive stand system, reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions (January 2022).

    • Ongoing: Develop and launch natural wax scented candles using sustainable crops like rapeseed or coconut oil, lowering Scope 3 emissions from raw material production.

    • Ongoing: Implement vegetable sterine stick votive candle production, utilising a low-emission alternative.

    • Future: Explore bio-based or recycled wax alternatives for all products to minimise Scope 3 emissions from raw materials.

  • Transportation:

    • Completed: Replace four company vehicles with hybrids (January-November 2022), reducing Scope 3 emissions from fuel consumption.

    • Completed: Used Zoom/Teams meetings as much as possible rather than travelling. (2020)

    • Future: Implement electric vehicles or alternative transportation options for remaining vehicles to eliminate Scope 3 emissions from company-owned vehicles.

    • Future: Encourage employee carpooling, cycling, and public transport use to further reduce employee commuting emissions within Scope 3.

  • Supply Chain:

    • Ongoing: Partner with suppliers committed to sustainability practices and transparent carbon footprint reporting.

    • Future: Implement carbon footprint assessments for suppliers to identify and address emission hotspots within the value chain.

Additional Considerations:

  • Waste Management:

    • Ongoing: Optimise waste segregation and recycling practices to minimise Scope 3 emissions from waste disposal.

    • Future: Investigate partnerships for waste-to-energy solutions to reduce Scope 3 emissions associated with waste further.

  • Community Engagement:

    • Ongoing: Support local sustainability initiatives and educational programs, fostering community awareness and action.

    • Future: Explore carbon offsetting projects in collaboration with local communities to compensate for residual emissions that cannot be directly eliminated.

Timeline and Monitoring:

This roadmap outlines a five-year timeline with key milestones for each focus area, addressing all Scopes of emissions. Regular progress monitoring and data analysis will be crucial to measure impact, identify areas for improvement, and track progress towards net zero. Transparency and communication of progress to stakeholders will be essential for maintaining momentum and securing ongoing support.



Achieving net zero emissions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 is an ambitious but necessary goal. By implementing this roadmap, continuously seeking innovative solutions, and actively addressing all emission sources, Charles Farris Limited can solidify its position as a leader in sustainable manufacturing and contribute to a greener future. Remember, this roadmap is a starting point, and adaptation based on new developments, technological advancements, and evolving regulations will be crucial for success.


Authorised by: Sue Gale

Signature: S Gale

Position: Managing Director

Date Approved: 2nd of February 2024

Review Date: 1 st of February 2025