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Fully Biodegradable Eco Wall Dispenser

Wall Mounted 1L FULLY BIODEGRADABLE Eco Dispenser

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Wall Mounted 1L  FULLY BIODEGRADABLE  Eco  Dispenser

After final use can be disposed of in your compost bin 

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Wall Mounted 1L FULLY BIODEGRADABLE Eco Dispenser


Made from biodegradable plastic – Master Bio technology accelerates the plastic biodegradation time of 99% (timing between 9 months and 5 years, in comparison with standard 100 – 1000 years). It’s the ability to bring the product to a quick deterioration that begins in presence of specific conditions, present only in compost heap places. 

Dimensions: H 26,5 cm - L 12,5 cm - W 14 cm
Capacity: 1000 ml
Operation: Push button
Colour: Transparent green