Wall Mounted 1L Battery Operated Automatic Dispenser - 1

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Wall Mounted 1L Battery Operated Automatic  Dispenser - 1

4 X AA Batteries Included

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Wall Mounted 1L Battery Operated Automatic Dispenser - 1


A convenient and simple means of dispensing soap or hand sanitiser is a must for any washroom environment. This auto soap / hand sanitiser dispenser is easily mounted to the wall and provides the option to offer your washroom visitors an extensive range of liquid soaps or sanitisers in a simple and hygienic way.

Simple to install and refill; a great way to save money from excessive soap or sanitiser usage.

Bulk Fill - Works with almost all alcohol sanitiser gel. Just open and pour gel into reservoir
Suitable for all liquid soaps and hand sanitisers
Tamper Proof and lockable. No naughty people stealing sanitiser!!
1100ml Capacity
Battery Life up to 130,000 Cycles!
Requires AA batteries
No Touch Operation
Automatic Soap / Hand Sanitiser Dispenser | 1100ml Capacity | Wall Mounted Specification
Dimensions=H 235 x W 140 x D 105mm
Material=ABS Plastic