Freestanding Sanitising Station with 1L Elbow operated Dispenser - 1

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Freestanding Sanitising Station with Elbow operated Dispenser - 1


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Freestanding Sanitising Station with 1L Elbow operated Dispenser - 1


Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with A4 snap frame, Protect staff and customers by encouraging hand sanitising,  Eye-catching hand sanitising station with stylish poster frame
Standing around 185cm/6' in height, this tall and eye-catching unit features a stylish aluminium poster frame and a pump-action hand sanitiser unit with a one-litre capacity.
Our hand sanitising station includes a 1-litre bottle for you to fill with your chosen hand sanitising solution. You can pour in any gel-based product of your choice, whether it's a liquid soap or an alcohol hand gel. Pushing the large lever on the top dispenses the gel, while a tray at the base catches any drips. The bottle is quick and easy to refill.
Are the poster and sanitiser height adjustable?
Yes, both the hand sanitiser dispenser and the poster frame can be positioned at your chosen height by moving them up or down the pole and tightening the screw to hold them in place. The poster frame includes a snap-shut mechanism making it very quick and easy to change the poster.
Height 192cm
Poster frame size A4 portrait
Dispenser capacity 1 litre
Dispenser suitability Liquid soap or gel
Dispenser mechanism Pump action
Dispenser size (H x W x D) 27cm x 16cm x 19cm approx.
Dispenser trip tray Yes
Adjustable dispenser height Yes
Hand sanitiser supplied No
Pole and base material Metal
Colour Anodised aluminium
Base size 45cm x 45cm
Base feet Rubber feet